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Addiction Recovery Guides

1. Follow through with counseling – stattistics say the longer you can engage in formal treatment the better your chances. Your therapists and counselors will be the main ones to keep you right on track in your recovery efforts!

2. Remember Time – After you have gotten out of the addiction and recovery center you may be frustrated with the thoughts of alcohol or drugs that are plaguing your mind. Sobrity takes time.Even though impatientence can drive you crazy, time takes time.

3. Keep yourself Occupied – Many recovering addicts often find it hard not to go back to their old lifestyles, but the one thing that can help greatly is to keep yourself productively occupied. Getting a hobby, surrounding yourself with positive friends each day, and filling your day to keep you busy in order to be preoccupied will prevent you from destructive behavior.

4. Take One Day at a Time – If you are becoming so frustrated that you’re feeling like you just want to have some more alcohol or that one last taste of drugs, stop before you get there! Get a hold of yourself, and be aware that sobriety is a day by day effort! Many people have to force themselves to take one minute, hour, and day at a time simply to keep their heads above water.

5. Find New Behaviors- this is something that many addiction counselors will focus on, but what are you going to do when it should have been the time for your daily dose of alcohol, LSD, marijuana, or other drug? If you can find fifferent things to do with that time of day, it will be better for you in the long run.

6. Let your Family Know. – Many recovering addicts choose not to tell their families, but these are the first people that you should tell. They will help you get back on your feet and stay there and provide a lot of emotional support when you need it the most!

7. Never Give Up! This concept is as old as the hills but it has been proved to work! A recovering addict is an individual who cannot afford to give up.

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