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Information about Dentistry

Dentistry is a part of medicine that deals with the health of the teeth and mouth. Dentistry is specifically deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental diseases. The role played by dentistry in maintaining the oral health of the society is very crucial. This is because the teeth are an important part of the body and so their health cannot be neglected.
The field of dentistry has been in existence ever since the dawn of civilization. Even in ancient times, people realized the importance of proper oral health care. Many of the techniques of dentistry we see today were developed in ancient cultures and made perfect over the years. In the recent years, many new dental plans have been made in the field of dentistry. Today, a number of options are available to the patient when it comes to dental healthcare facilities.

Educational Courses in Dentistry
An education in Dentistry is the study of oral health services for adults and children. Courses in dentistry are available worldwide through many prestigious schools which offer education programs in the field. Dentistry is considered necessary for general health of the body; as such, the need for high-quality dentistry education is imperative.
As with all health care educations, most countries have their own policies for accreditation of Dentistry, although examinations are becoming more and more consistent. Dentistry education programs are generally at least five years of full time study. In many places, dentistry requires up to four years of post-graduate study. After a completed degree in dentistry, a period of practice is usually required before being fully licensed to independently practice Dentistry.

Careers in Dentistry
There are several choices available to those interested in entering a career in dentistry. One option is opening a practice, which requires knowledge of how to run a business; another is going into dentistry employment within general healthcare. In some countries, it is common to work as an employee in the private dental care sector. Further choices are provided whether you choose to go into general practice, or specialize in, for example, orthodontics or dental surgery.
There is another option of teaching or doing research in the field of dentistry. You can also practice dentistry as a dental nurse, hygienist or dental technician. The key to finding success in the field of dentistry is to be both science- and people-oriented and to complete a high-quality education course in dentistry.

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